Aloha company meeting

From Hawaii with love

For Atlas Copco, we gave a digital twist to an annual division meeting with the aim of connecting colleagues after a long period of working from home. With the summer period just around the corner, we developed an interactive Aloha theme for our client. The entire event was broadcast to all division employees from the special created Hawaii studio with green key integration. The show was hosted by the division's CEO and Vice President Competence Development & Communications. Both gentlemen were assisted by a professional host.

The aloha experience

All participants received an Aloha Event Box delivered to their home before the start of the event. The box contained nice Hawaii gadgets, but also the necessary elements to make a delicious cocktail. Instructions for shaking were carefully given by our exotic host during the broadcast. Later, participants were treated to an initiation of Hula dancing and a live quiz. All home experiences and enthusiastic reactions could be shared via a Whatsapp integration that was shown during the live broadcast.