all together now

Let's get back together

For EG, we turned their annual All Together Day into a digital interactive show that was broadcast every Friday afternoon for three weeks from the specially built EG studio. Each broadcast was presented by a different board member and filled with new inspirational content. In addition to business communication and objectives, time was also made for connection and entertainment. For example, we integrated an online cocktail party, polls were held throughout the broadcast to maximize the involvement of the participants in the event and each participant received an EG teddy bear. The bear was meant to give everyone of the EG employees a warm hug in this socially distant period.

Digital that feels like live

All participants received an All Together Event Box in Box before the start of the event. The Box in box consisted of three different compartments. Each broadcast the participants were allowed to open a new part of their Box in Box. The full show was broadcast live and translated simultaneously into three languages.