Connecting live with the right people is becoming increasingly important in our rapidly evolving digital world. For us, a successful event is the perfect mix of “Human & Digital”.


Our mission? Translate our customers’ message into a total experience with lasting impact by integrating and adopting innovative technologies with a personal, creative and human touch.


We support the people within your business with the organization of national and international events in a personal and professional manner in order to build a long-term relationship.


You can contact us for an organization from A to Z – from concept to production – but also for the assistance with some parts of your event. If you don’t have enough experience, qualities or contacts in-house, we’ll help you with your event planning. We look for the perfect location, take care of the technical support or send an experienced “Event Officer” to coordinate the process. To our team, no task or event is too small or too big.

Driven by the purpose of creating a cleaner planet, we try to work as ecological and sustainable as possible. We’re always on the lookout for solutions that waste less energy and natural resources and do our job with the greatest respect for humanity and nature.

All this is done by mobilizing our enthusiastic flight crew with over 20 years of experience, integrating new technologies and crafting creative ideas into an unforgettable event.

We are always at your service to connect our customers, colleagues and partners.

What we do

The creative concepts that we produce can be divided into three categories.


“Your Staff” – events for your employees

“Your Business” – events that support business operations

“Your Brand” – brand-boosting events


We always translate the message into a total experience with lasting impact!

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